‚Äč"Prince Shamel" Later Moved To The Suburb Right Outside Of Queens Known As Long Island Or "Strong Island". Some Early Hip Hop Legends Like Rakim, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and others are credited from being from the Island. This just proves the impact and reach the culture had not just in the 5 Boroughs, But all over the globe. Prince Shamel Quickly began Making A Name For Himself while rapping and releasing mixtapes in high school. With his already growing popularity rap just made it spread even faster.  Prince Got Most Likely To Be Famous In His Year Book And Would Soon Be Considered One Of The Pioneers Of Independent Rap In Uniondale.

Later Prince Partnered Up with A Child Hood Friend  to start DWI records in 2007 were Prince Recorded And Featured With Artist Like "Cassidy" "Drag On" & Fabolous. After Gaining More Recognition & Notoriety, Prince Later Started His Own Company Royal Music Group Inc in 2009  And Is Still Currently Working And Releasing Music To Date.


Long Island NY - 1997

Prince Shamel Moved From The Bronx To Uniondale Long Island.

Bronx NY - 1986

Prince Shamel Was Born
March 29th 1986 In The Bronx.

Strong Island - "Exit 21 "

BIOGRAPHY - "About The Prince"

DMV - 2014

Prince Shamel Moved From Long Island And Queens To The DMV.

 When It Comes To Hip Hop & It's History, "Prince Shamel" Is Of Course No Stranger To The Game. Hip Hop Was First Created And Birthed On Sedgwick & Cedar Avenue In The Bronx. DJ Kool Herc Is Credited With Helping To Start Hip Hop And Rap Music At A House Party At 1520 Sedgwick Avenue On August 11, 1973. At The Concert He Was DJing And Emceeing In The Recreation Room And Later The Local Parks. This Unique Block Happens To Be Where "The Prince" Grew Up Living In River Park Towers.  Being Heavily Influnced By The Culture Through His Father Who Also Was Involved In Hip Hops Early Stages "The Prince" Feels He Has What It  Takes To Restore The Feeling With Unique Story Telling, Catchy Flows, Bars  And Substance.

The Birth Place Of Hip Hop - "The Mecca "